A year with less

January 1, 2012

2011 was the year of living with less for us. Economic and social circumstances gave us a chance to see how much of the “stuff” we had around us we could get by without, not because we wanted to but just because we had no “home” for books and furniture and a limit to what we could carry.
“Never own more than you can carry in two hands at a dead run” a wise carpenter once told me. After finding we couldn’t continue to live in beautiful Laguna Beach California without significant income, we opted for life on the road. ( I guess, in truth, I did, my wife just agreed )
We sold our two cars, bikes, guitars and misc. objects. Gave a lot to Goodwill and others, especially clothing. Packed two small bags in a new Honda Element ( no payments for two months ) and headed out.
Today, January 1, 2012, we have a place to live, a new job, and this morning in a few hours some of our old things will arrive from California on a moving truck. It’s been an interesting lesson in what you need to get by. We didn’t ever “drop out” and have maintained the façade of normal existence the whole time. Staying in touch is just a matter of keeping the cell phone on, posting occasionally to facebook and twitter. I did job interviews and even skype calls from motels, gave a presentation in California, travelled to Washington and Boston, all from my car.
I lived without “health care” which I suppose could get dicey, but it really just meant being careful. ( I haven’t been sick, come to think of it )
So, hello 2012, time to start collecting things again. Looking forward to seeing some art we still own and eventually getting a new bicycle. The first thing we bought when we got a new apartment was a bed. Very comfortable.
It’s surprising how few things a person really needs.