Process and flow instead of something to be achieved is really a brilliant definition of how to approach a more sustainable world. I think we can go further and say that acting with compassion instead of being goal and direction oriented will eventually allow us to integrate with the very systems we now seek to dominate. Very mindful writing, lets call these Laslos principles.

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6. Presence and practice draw on five principles of syntony
¤ Passion — vibrant, intense, and compelling enthusiasm
¤ Integrity — dignity and congruency with your values; worthiness, honor and respect
¤ Balance — spin control and flow control in (not of) all situations
¤ Grace — simple elegance, presence, kindness and a composed way of being
¤ Flow — tuning actions and attitudes to harmonize with surroundings

7. Integral Sustainability requires four levels of syntony
¤ At the first level – syntony with oneself; internal or intra-personal syntony – the practices involve centering, quieting the monkey-mind, listening with every cell of our being. These practices cultivate intuition, compassion, insight that matches outsight, and a willingness to explore and follow our deepest calling.
¤ At the second level – syntony with others; community or inter-personal syntony – the practice involves deep dialogue and collaboration. Coming together to learn with and from each other and to engage in collective action with empathy, considerateness, openness, and joy.
¤ At the third level – syntony with nature; ecosystemic or trans-species syntony – the practices involve communing; listening to the messages of all beings (whether they be waterfalls, animals, mountains or galaxies) and acknowledging our interdependence and ultimate unity.
¤ At the fourth level – syntony with the flows of being and becoming; evolutionary or trans-generational syntony – the practices involve learning to read the patterns of change of which we are a part; learning to hear the rhythms of life and becoming familiar with the improvisational jam session that nature has been playing since time immemorial. These practices cultivate our ability to play our own piece; to sing and dance our own path into existence in harmony with the grand patterns of cosmic creation.