Water in Ecuador

November 15, 2010

Engineers without borders building wind power pumps to create simple water supply.

The Tingo project is one of the oldest and most ambitious that this particular EWB chapter has worked on. It will entail sending water from a source at the base of the mountain, up to a distribution tank at the highest place in the village, near the apex of the mountain where an Incan fortress once stood, ringed in concentric, ascending circles of stone. From there water will flow downwards through pipes into the 26 households that currently have no water for washing, cooking, or irrigation. The project has been long in process for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the difficulty of communicating between Pittsburgh and Tingo; there are neither landlines nor cell phone service in the parish. The engineers’ visit last month – a long week of day-time surveying and night-time conferences – will likely be the last information-gathering effort before construction begins this coming winter.