Are you reading this from an office cubicle or other interior space with a limited view of the world outside? How would it be if you could watch vegetables being planted, weeded and grown instead of that asphalt covered rooftop, and actually get some food at the end of the week to go along with the digitally recorded bank deposit which then digitally gets distributed to your service providers for your digital entertainment? (I mean, have you ever thought of your reverse supply chain, the products that you pay for with the hours you put in?)  Introducing FarmBot, the open-source CNC farming robot   which is being developed in California as a completely open source project to build large scale solar powered food generation and farming devices. This concept builds on the Raspberry Pi foundation idea of teaching new technology, but also combines farming and land use and, potentially, healthy food. Let’s think of this as the first step toward integrating AI, Internet of Things and Sustainable Organic Agriculture. Think it puts humans out of the loop? I envision this as a way to connect by placing food production everywhere, link it to solar and water efficiency and potentially raise awareness of the joy of growing food.


Read the full story at Fast Company. For a delivery truck making rounds, minor tweaks in a route can save huge amounts of time and gas. That’s why UPS spent a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars building an algorithm to help calculate where trucks should turn. A startup called Routific designed an algorithm […]

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Read the full story in Waste360. A Quincy, Mass.-based grocery store is using anaerobic digestion to convert food waste into energy. Stop & Shop has partnered with a local technology company to open an anaerobic digestion facility in the state.

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The U.S. Department of Energy today announced a major expansion of its distinctive online crowdsourcing community for building technologies. Seeking to draw on the creativity and technical expertise of the American public, citizens can now submit their ideas to six open calls for innovation, with the chance to partner with a DOE national laboratory and […]

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We are just beginning to understand the full Life Cycle consequences of some of the amazing materials we have developed.

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Humanity has spent the last century creating life-changing luxuries. Here’s why our next move should be learning how to wean ourselves off these wonders.

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Great quotefrom Mr. Revkin…”One misperception people have is that because scientists are arguing, that means we don’t know anything. That’s actually not true at all. So the more you know about how science works, the less likely you are to fall into that trap.

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Read the full story in Great Lakes Echo.

Revkin was the keynote speaker at the Michigan State University Environmental Science and Policy Program’s “Fate of the Earth” symposium April 1. The conference schedule was filled with leading researchers on sustainability issues who all addressed the same theme that Revkin explores in his blog: How will the human race sustain itself on a planet with dwindling resources?

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I saw this job advertised on the NADAA blog and thought it would be an awesome place to work, super creative and innovative designs. The job requires an interesting combination of skills, and hand tool use as well no doubt.

How does this compare with say…Chris Schwarz Rude Mechanic ?

Lost Art

NADAAA is currently seeking a Designer to join our Fabrication Lab (NADLAB), as well as our architectural team, in the design of progressive projects ranging from gallery installations to large institutional buildings. Applicants must have the following qualifications to be considered for the position:

  • Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture degree
  • 2-5 years of professional experience.
  • Expertise with conventional wood and metal-working tools
  • Digital fabrication experience including the programming and operation of CNC routers (Mastercam proficiency required).
  • High-level 3D modeling and scripting abilities in Rhino3D (proficiency in Grasshopper and Rhinoscript/Python required).
  • Experience working with 3D printers and laser-cutters

Other position qualifications include:

  • Strong design and graphics skills
  • Experience with construction documents and high level presentation production.
  • Knowledge of space programming, contract documents (including detailing, specifications, production management, design production), and contract administration
  • Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills with various levels of individuals including clients, consultants, and architects
  • Experience as team leader and project manager
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks, collaborate on large teams and work well under deadlines

Type of Employment: Full Time Location: Boston Start date: ASAP   Contact Information: Please submit qualified resumes and portfolios in PDF format under 20 MB to Please do not send hard copy portfolios.