Craft and the Trans Eurasia Railroad

January 13, 2015

Craft and the Trans Eurasia economy meet retro markets in Mexico

A fascinating series of photos in the NY Times led me to this story of an epic train line just being developed, The New China-Europe line.  With all the attention given to global trade it would be easy to miss the movement back to local and hand made products, a trend toward simplicity in the developed world. The desire to feel connected to life and process is still very strong for people who have grown up in the first world. Read Robin Wood talking about “What is real craft” and be inspired by those who choose to keep these traditions alive. I can imagine the rejection of heavy industry and energy intensive consumption that might connect when Western Europe connects by rail with the small hand craft industries of Eurasia. Maybe a return to the simple and hand made as part of supply chain awareness? In Mexico City a new food market rejects all the plastic glossy trappings of a new mega store for the venerable open Market style.

What if the inter connected world began to work together toward a craft based, resource lean economy? Could renewables, local food and the value of hand made non disposable objects inspire a change in how we use the planet?

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