Last call at the Mother Earth cafe

July 31, 2012

Recently I was reading an op ed piece in the NY Times ” The Conversions of a Climate-Change Skeptic”  by Richard A. Muller, the famously Koch brothers affiliated climate scientist.  Muller has now agreed with the findings of the I.P.C.C. that the increased carbon dioxide emissions caused by the movement into modernity of vast areas of the world previously under industrialized.  This will go down in history as the year that the number of climate/energy/ food related issues in the world  began to make people think about just how much trouble we might all be in.

His opinion piece links to the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project and some really impressive but depressing data.  The really well documented finding point to a rate of change that will be very hard to overcome, especially in a world where getting any two people to agree on any course of action seems very hard indeed.

Since I work a lot in the area of ” Sustainability Consulting” and ” Energy Conservation”  I guess I feel like this discussion has all the quality of a late night bar conversation.  Everyone involved knows that nothing is going to change, that all the excited and interesting arguments are just an excuse to do nothing until the booze soaks in and the lights go out.  May as well enjoy the party right?

There are so many interesting and creative solutions to the problems of climate change and even global economic prosperity. Every day I hear about people who are just doing good work, developing better ways to live on a beautiful but finite world.  What will it take to change the dialog to a more enlightened, lets do the best we can, view?


One Response to “Last call at the Mother Earth cafe”

  1. Kenneth Rosen Says:

    Dan, good to see you, and meet Mrs. Whittet, Maria Isabel. Someday we have to visit my camp in Rumford, which is as vertiginous with misery as earth itself. We’ll see if this posts! I just glanced at the “Tags” besides this windowbox, “autodesk cad carbon footprint,” and I thought for a minute I was reading a Whittet sentence.

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