Dynamic Complexity and Stategic Design – Arup Foresight

January 28, 2010

Dynamic Complexity and Stategic DesignPosted by Daniel C Whittet on January 26, 2010 at 7:37pm

At this years Autodesk University in Las Vegas, Ken Hall, director of sustainable design systems at Gensler architecture, delivered a thought provoking analysis of the changes taking place in the methods of design and delivery of complex carbon reductive projects. These changes are part of what some ( Leonard R. Bachman ) are calling Strategic design as opposed to Physical design.

“The mandate to achieve sustainability demands we use every means at our disposal. It is vitally

important we develop a rich ecology of interoperable tools that enable us to tackle the diverse

and complex challenges of sustainability. No single design firm or software developer can

define the methodologies and tools needed to model, analyze and synthesize the information

needed in our pursuit of sustainability. Our goal is to foster the rapid evolution of a diverse

ecology of methods, tools and knowledge to help bring civilization into a state of sustainability.

Furthermore, the innovation and creativity required to meet this mandate requires maximal

flexibility in process, ease of modeling and information portability.


Tags: complexity, design, gensler, interoperability, strategic

via Dynamic Complexity and Stategic Design – Arup Foresight.

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