Fresh Approach

January 27, 2010

I believe the construction industry is in the midst of radical change, in terms of how we design, process and evaluate the success of projects. Many people have looked at the built environment and are asking how we can reduce the impact and expense of buildings on limited resources. My career has led to a unique ability to understand and manage the key areas of success in the industry today and in the coming decade.

The massive CityCenter project in Las Vegas recently received six LEED gold certifications. My participation included developing the material calculator and database, reviewing materials for LEED compliance, managing IAQ requirements and contributing to all aspects of the LEED decision process for the general contractor.

 I am currently very interested in the area of Building Information Management and how it can drive changes in sustainable building processes. Working with industry leaders I have been able to evaluate new technologies and management techniques that are currently being widely adopted such as rapid energy modeling and integrated project delivery concepts.

Much of my career has been in the field, running a start up Construction Company or working with others.   My choice of a degree in Media as opposed to the more typical engineering or construction management areas was based on my belief that programs like the new UC Berkeley PHD program in digital design media will continue to create a link between digital technology and traditional building practice.

Dan Whittet  EnrgResrch


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